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The Friend of Optimists Membership was created to accommodate people who believe in what Optimist International stands for and what Optimist Clubs do in their communities. However, not everyone has the time to fully commit as a regular Member of an Optimist Club or perhaps they live in an area that does not have an Optimist Club. Joining as a Friend of Optimists allows people to Bring Out the Best in Kids apart from Club affiliation.

Can a Friend of Optimists participate in Club or District activities? Absolutely! A Friend of Optimists may choose to participate in service projects and fundraisers with a local Club or District or they may choose to support the Optimist cause with their Membership fee only.

How much does it cost to be a Friend of Optimists? A one-year Friend of Optimists membership is $100. Of this amount, $40 will go back to the local Optimist Club if the Club is mentioned on the application. If no Club is mentioned, the $40 will go back to the District in which the Friend of Optimists resides. The $40 will appear as a credit on the Club or District’s account after the Friend of Optimists application is received.

Do Friend of Optimists count towards Membership totals for Awards purposes? Yes, during the 2008-2009 Optimist Year, Friends of Optimists will be counted for Awards purposes.

Are Friends of Optimists eligible to vote at District and International Conventions? No, Friends of Optimists do not have voting rights at District and International Conventions.

Can a Friend of Optimists eventually join an existing Club? Yes! The Friend of Optimists membership is a great way to get people hooked on Optimism. If someone cannot fully commit to an Optimist Club, Just Ask them to join as a Friend of Optimists. It is a great way to get a taste of the organization and after a year of showing support and participating in a few projects, joining an Optimist Club may be their next step.

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